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Advance course on Subconscious mind and NLP

Upgrade your subconscious mind

Why my wish don't get fulfill? Most of us have this question... We follow all paths, methods to achieve our goal, but something go wrong and we dont get what we want. This course provide tools and techniques that help you to accelerate speed of your subconscious mind.


Learn NLP techniques

Subjective Communication

Advance Beta programming tools 

Advance Pictography

Anchoring for life time

10 Fools (mistakes) of Pictography

Discover well of Happiness

Advance techniques of VAK model and Sub-modalities

Eliminating thought viruses

Advance Meditation techniques


Develop Intuition power

Instant Relaxation, Confidence, Happiness

Self-healing and Distance healing

Freedom from bad programming

Improved relationship through programming

Identify your core negative thought

Connect to your ‘Divine Guide’

Bridge the gap between your present and future

Find missing links of pictography

Make subconscious mind your best friend


  • Course Material and Online follow up
  • Participation Certificate from NLP India Certified Trainer


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