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Assertive Communication @ Work

Have you caught yourself:

  • We want to talk about something important, yet we talk about everything under the  sun except the most important
  • Rather than stating clearly what we want to talk about, we hint around
  • We want to say no to a request instead we change the subject
  • Instead of dealing with the issue we make jokes, tell stories and talk nonsense
  • Instead of apologizing for a mistake we crack a joke
  • We are afraid someone is ignoring us, we say or do something stupid to get attention
  • We feel scared, hurt, angry, but we get drunk and act crazy


Objective of the program

To express your feelings, opinions, beliefs, and needs directly, openly, honestly and confidently while not violating your and personal rights of others.


Application of Assertiveness in Business Areas Assertiveness communication is particularly useful for managers in situations like:

  • Performance appraisals
  • Maintaining discipline
  • Firing
  • Recognition
  • Career guidance
  • Positive reinforcement


Interpersonal bargaining: with clients, suppliers, professional colleagues, junior and senior staff
Benefits of the workshop

  • Self esteem is maintained in the assertive behavior
  • To get what is rightfully theirs and not lose it in the process
  • An assertive communicator encourages openness and honesty in interpersonal communications
  • Assertive communication results in harmony as individuals communicating assertively respect the rights of others in addition to their own rights
  • Increased self-responsibility


What may happen if we are non-assertive

  • Others will cease to like us
  • We will hurt other people's feelings
  • Others will get angry or say NO
  • Others will think we are selfish, stupid etc.
  • Failure to think rationally
  • Giving up our personal rights
  • Confusing assertive with rudeness
  • Thinking we are being helpful
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