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A Detailed Career Profile
A Test you always wanted to take:
PRISM CAREER MATCH is the world’s most comprehensive, neuroscience based behaviour mapping Instrument providing career exploration facility for students
  • The individual’s natural behavioural preferences
  • Natural strengths
  • Introversion/extroversion profile
  • Summary text narrative
  • Career development report
  • Work aptitude
  • Work environment report
  • In addition, the individual’s four main behavioural dimensions can be compared with benchmarks of the most suitable careers from a database of about 900 jobs.
  • Create a profile of your behavioural strengths - what you have to offer an employer.
  • Produce a text narrative ofyour key strengths and areas for potential development.
  • Identify and measureyour work aptitudes- whatyou are naturally good at doing.
  • Show which work environments will enhance your performance and which will potentially inhibit your performance.
  • Map your behavioural preferences with approximately 1,000 careers.
  • Enableyou to research careers in detail to identify which ones could be most suitable foryou.
  • Measure your profile preferences for 26 key business related characteristics.
  • A 24 page detailed report
  • Counselling with a certified PRISM Practitioner
  • 1 hour to fill in the questionnaire
  • 45 min for Report analysis and counselling
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