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Presentation Dynamics

Objective of the program

  • To go through all the stages involved in making presentations.
  • To provide you the techniques to add quality, impact and effectiveness in your presentations


Program Agenda

Elaboration of Agenda

Peace of mind How to address in unforeseen situations
Personality impact Dressing, Grooming & your journey from your chair to the stage/ platform
Salutation Greetings & respecting the ranks & designations
Start 4 types of start, how type of start suits your personality
Preparation What to do if asked to give extemporaneous speech, how to avoid prepare from different sources etc.
Flow of thoughts Matching the speed of your thoughts with the speed of your words, being in rhythm
Voice Tone, pitch & volume of your voice
Pronunciation Pronouncing the right words rightly
Body language Your stand, walk, hands & legs on the stage
Summary/how to What did you cover, plan of action for audience, how to avoid crash close landing of your presentation
Q & A How to handle questions, what if you don’t the answer to a question?


Benefits of the workshop

  • Learn advanced techniques for presenting including the different methods of delivery.
  • Research, organize, and structure powerful presentations.
  • Prepare and deliver three presentations and give and receive feedback on them.
  • Deliver powerful presentations with optimal use of time, voice, dress, & body language.
  • Use audio-visual support to enhance effectiveness and delivery.
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