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March 2014     
Why do Trainings fail?
An Article by Wisdom Solutions’ Trainer

I have been a trainer for 12 years having trained thousands of participants. When I meet training managers, they start volleying questions: How long will this last? What is the relevance? Do you think this can cause any change? etc. Hidden behind these questions are deep rooted factors that cause training failures. There are several. Over the years, I have seen that amongst the several factors, if three essential components (one each from the three key stakeholders) are considered, then trainings can’t fail.   The three most important reasons trainings fail in my opinion are lack of Wisdom from the Trainer, lack of Willingness from participants and lack of Faith from H.R. Let us examine each of these three factors, playfully called as WWF (an acronym):

1. Wisdom (from the Trainer):

I have found that if the trainer imparts wisdom i.e. key nuggets and insights and causes paradigm shifts, it makes all the difference. ‘Wisdom’ is what quietens the mind and shapes the attitude. Wisdom necessitates the trainer facilitates the dawning of wisdom and the shifting of paradigms minus any ego (‘I am the only Zen master available’). He or she should conduct the training with the attitude of gratitude and the intention to bring about the required behavioral change. He should not stand there and deliver the rituals, slide after slide. You don’t want participants going, “Hey mister trainer, come on give us a break. We all know how to read. Tell us the wisdom, share your experience and inspire us.”


To choose what insights of wisdom should be imparted in a given training program, what helps is to do a pre-training-survey with the participants and their bosses separately. This helps in identifying the issues and the areas of concern.  In most trainings, consulting with the people who are going to receive the training is shamefully neglected. So most of the people who attend training are unaware of what is it about and why is it important?  I have seen trainers sweat out and debate on the relevance of the training (which almost all simultaneously agree they don’t need) rather than train people.  It may happen that participants would draw into a shell when approached for a pre-survey. But, once they interact with the trainer and gain confidence in the trainer, they are more ready. One thing is for sure, that they won’t share with the HR what  they would share with an outsider. The trainer then should also talk to the bosses to get the other side of the story. Now equipped with the complete information, the trainer should chalk out the program focusing on what key paradigm shifts he wants to bring about. The trainer is ready now… what about the participants?

Willingness (From the Participants):

The most important factor of any training  is the ‘willingness’ of the participants. If the participants are unwilling or non-trainable,  trainings will eventually fail and even God can’t help. My experience with an unwilling audience is half of them feel i-know-it-all and the other half feels nothing-will-change. In that case how can we expect any changes to happen? This is where pre training surveys come in. We have already seen in this in the previous paragraph. Such a survey breaks the initial ice with the participants and they feel they are in the loop in designing the program which leads to their being more open to learning (receiving wisdom).


The other thing that helps in increasing willingness is linking trainings with appraisals.  Clear competency definitions, feedback on these competencies and linking trainings to competencies will mean that trainings can work miraculously. Thus, the role of HR also plays a crucial role. This is where the third factor comes in.

Faith (from the HR):

‘Faith’ is the greatest vibration on earth. If you show faith, people respond. The HR (or training department) should try out new trainers and training methods and keep faith on them. Try ‘the new’ since they are thirstier to prove their mettle. Be like Captain Dhoni: Show faith in newcomers and they will win battles for you.  Consider that, “If you keep doing what you did, you will keep getting what you got”. Thus besides new trainers, try new training programs and new methods. Don’t restrict your discussion with  trainers only till cost reduction. Ask them their uniqueness and     tell them your intention.  I am sure they would deliver.

Faith is not just faith between HR and Trainers. Participants should have faith on the HR too. Thus HR has to build that faith about training over the years. If the HR Head or Training Head primarily puts the due diligence required for ensuring the quality of trainings first, the resultant trainings would be great. And that will build faith on HR or the training department.

I hope this new WWF (Wisdom, Willingness and Faith) will help you wrestle better in the arena of trainings.
Wisdom Solutions


March 2014     
Personal Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaches partner with people to help them reach their greatest potential. Coaching is personalized and tailored support that builds on a foundation of people’s strengths.

Why is coaching needed?

People hire coaches to help them achieve a variety of personal and professional goals. Coaches work with people on such issues as maximizing success, improving quality of life, developing successful business strategies, and managing career or life transitions.

The coach’s job is to work with people to enhance their skills, resources and creativity. Most coaches use a variety of tools in their practice including values clarification; brainstorming, identifying plans of action, and helping clients examine modes of operating. Most coaches use assessment tools to help clients gain insight into their strengths and preferences. Coaches are trained listeners, and use powerful questions to bring out strategies and solutions from their clients.
Our coaching Services :
Personal coaching

Work with various aspects of a client’s life. The coaches focus on assisting clients to achieve life-improving goals, managing and making the most of transitions, finding balance, and making progress in other areas of personal well-being and growth. For example, if your goal is to achieve balance between your work, personal and family life a personal coach could support you in these goals.

Entrepreneur coaching

Primarily work with entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals (like Medical Doctors, Attorneys, and Consultants) to help them improve their businesses. Business coaches work with clients in a variety of ways. They might help them determine how to convert passion for an idea into a business start-up, or identify actions that would generate greater profits for an existing business. Business coaches often function as a vital ‘silent’ partner in supporting and enlightening business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve business and personal success.

Enterprise group coaching

Work with executives, upper management, and board members in business, non-profit and government sectors. In the ever-changing -- and sometimes lonely -- environment of upper management, executives often lack an objective sounding board, reliable source of performance feedback, or safe environment to explore new ideas about management and leadership. The coaches assist their clients to overcome obstacles within and around them to tap into their hidden strengths and talents so they can achieve success in their role or advance to higher levels. Group coaching has become popular because it is a way of accelerating growth of professionals, improving leadership skills and enhancing managerial performance.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Among the numerous benefits of coaching are:

  • Being listened to by someone who listens with your best interests in mind.
  • Being challenged to go beyond where you would go yourself.
  • Having someone you can explore options with.
  • Having a safe protected space in your life to try out new ideas.
  •  Arriving at an action plan that suits your life.
  • Being able to change direction and try something new.
  • Acquiring greater satisfaction from your life and work
How do I know if I could benefit from a coach?
  • You are already thinking about taking positive action to change some aspect of your career, business or life.
  • You want increased fulfilment and meaning in your life and are willing to take necessary steps.
  • You hunger for greater clarity and focus about what you want in life.
  • You want to shift from reacting to events to being proactive.
  • You want to align your livelihood with your life goals.
  • You want to set priorities so that you have time to nurture yourself and others you care for.
  • You want to realize your dreams and aspirations sooner rather than later.
What is the time and money investment for Goal-Coaching?
  • The time and money investment depends upon what you to achieve from coaching
  • Based on what we want to achieve there are three levels
What if the goals are not achieved?
  • Speak to your coach and see if the goals that you have made for yourself are achievable, measured and time bound.


March 2014     
Insights of Life

How much to believe 

Mind creates all the things that we see, but often increases them in size especially when they are within the body. Just imagine you have a speck in your eye, it pricks, burns and irritates. You go crazy rubbing the eye, splashing water and staring at it in the mirror. It’s almost 45 minutes and you have tried all the stunts, but nothing happens. What adds to the agony is the mind which starts imaging that the speck is the size of a peanut; you even imagine going blind and going mad. But finally after the wrestling with the problem, when it shows up, it was the size of a quarter of a cumin seed.

So is true for all the pains within the body. We might have a pinching back pain, but the mind imagines the full back to be writhing in pain. We might have heartburn (acidity), but the mind imagines it to be an attack.

The question is really how much to believe about what happens within us?  Here are three ways to stop the imagination of the mind and bring it to the present:


Observe what is happening in your body objectively. Sirshree, founder of TejGyan Foundation recommends to ask this question – exactly where and what? Find out exactly where and what the pain or irritation is about by observing it as a third person.


Examine your beliefs. Ask yourself what are my beliefs and what am my imagining. By just questioning yourself like this, the mind is immediately brought to things as they are instead of how things should be.


Meditate to come to the present moment. Practice any mediation where you watch your thoughts or body sensatios or breath. It immediately brings you to the present.


Observe! Examine! Meditate! Practice any of all of the steps and you will find a profound difference. I recommend that Magic of Awakening Retreat (details of which are in the footer) where you will learn these three steps and much more to awaken to your happy natural state.


Happy Thoughts.

March 2014     
Thought Yoga

For our physical being ,we all are  aware of asana,pranayaama as yogic excercises for body  flexibility and  breathing respectively. It gives us various benefits to our body systems! But rarely we give a thought on training our Thoughts!  How about a program which caters to this very thought ? Interesting ?

Wisdom solutions presents Thought Yoga,thus bringing about  a deeper understanding and  application of certain mental laws at the level of  thinking.  As we see physical laws that runs  the world, there are mental laws which governs our mind.These laws are universal,unchanging and always existed,continously working without our awareness . It gets  rarely applied due to lack of awareness and complete understanding. 


March 2014     
If thoughts can do that to water
Dr. Masaru Emoto is an internationally renowned Japanese researcher who has gained worldwide acclaim by showing how water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness. His message is simple, profound, and far-reaching.
Inspired by the uniqueness and beauty of snowflakes, Dr. Emoto has spent years studying the effects of intention, prayer, and music on water. Time and again, his studies show something astounding. When prayers and thoughts of love, kindness, or even classical music were focused on water, the result was a beautifully formed crystalline structure. Even writing words on a piece of paper like “Thank You,” “Love,” and “Gratitude” and taping them to experimental water bottles caused the water to change in beautiful ways. The same thing occurred while playing classical music—delicate, attractive crystals were formed.
On the contrary, playing heavy metal music resulted in fragmented and malformed crystals. Likewise, writing words like “Fool,” “I Hate You,” or even “Adolph Hitler” on the water bottles caused the crystal structures to look, literally, sick and dirty.
According to Emoto, the power of words is indeed powerful. “The vibration of good words has a positive effect on our world, whereas the vibration from negative words has the power to destroy.”
The earth is comprised of about 70 percent water—the same amount as our bodies. Coincidence? We’re made up of flesh, muscle, and bone, but we still walk around and exist as mostly water.
So, if thoughts and intentions can do that to water, what effect can thoughts have on our bodies, on our world?


Sourced from a website

March 2014     
The Power of Subconscious Mind
You are wondering why some people are successful while others are not? Why some are rich, whereas others live in slums? Those who grow both materially and spiritually in their life know how to control their subconscious mind so that it continuously operates to positively influence the events.
Simple and practical techniques can help you control the power of your subconscious mind. This will bring extraordinary changes into your daily life. You will recognize what creates blocks which prevents you to achieve your goals in your life by interfering with the innate principle of harmony.
The events which affects our life are determined by our subconscious mind: what is impressed in the subconscious is expressed in the real world. Consider health: any disease in the body is 90% mind and 10% physical. Your body listens to you: convey the idea of perfect wealth to your subconscious mind and your body will heal itself.
Remove the feelings of fear and worry from your subconscious, and you will conquer the stage fear and become a persuasive communicator. The technique of forgiveness will teach you to be compassionate, emotionally mature and to master the key for happy relationships.
Control the power of subconscious mind and you will hold the remote control of your life in your hands. You will enhance your relationships, prosper in your profession and create social and family harmony. Do not be the victim of the environment. Be the creator.
March 2014     
The Framework of Success

 You find yourself looking at other people, admiring their focus, effectiveness and drive? Or perhaps, you feel that no matter how hard you work you continue to struggle to complete your work? You are wondering whether there is a key to achieve confidence, professional success and balanced personal life?


Well, the answer is yes. Time management, powerful memorizing techniques, strategic planning and excellent  communication skills are the tools which will empower you to be successful at work, project a powerful personality, improve memory, have great relationships, increase money flow and improve your concentration.


So, what to start with? Consider your work or business life: there are so many demands on your time from other people that very little of your time is yours to use as you choose. However, at home you can exert a tremendous amount of control over how you use your time and increase productivity throughout the day in your personal life.


Personal TIME MANAGEMENT begins with you.  It begins with your thinking through what is really important to you in life. It enables you to choose what to do first, what to do second, and what not to do at all.  It enables you to organize every aspect of your life so that you can get the greatest joy, happiness, and satisfaction out of everything you do.  Since you can only do one thing at a time, you must constantly organize you life so that you are doing one thing, the most important thing, at every moment.

March 2014     
The Source : Power of Happy Thoughts
 How to create a perfect life? What is the key which leads to the achievement of happiness, wealth and peace? Through the book The Source, the author guides us to recognize the power of thoughts and imparts 7 lessons which, applied to our life, help to reach happiness and peace of consciousness.
We shall first recognize three dimensions in human life: feeling, doing and thinking. Most people focus on the first and second dimensions: they believe the degree of success they achieve in their life is determined by the outcome of their actions. Similarly, they consider their happiness as given by their feelings and emotions.
The power of the human mind is often underestimate. However, the third dimension of thought is the most significant: when you reflect on your thoughts you gain insight on your emotions and actions. There is also a fourth dimension: it is the background where our thoughts, emotions and actions emanate from. The fourth dimension is the consciousness itself. This is why it called the Source.
You may wonder why some people are successful while others are not. Those who grow both materially and spiritually in their life certainly know some laws which operate continuously and influence the events. In The Source, the author gives us 7 lessons which help to understand how these laws work and the power of our Thoughts. They are supported not only by the analysis of our life, but also by scientific evidence.
To create a perfect life, we need to learn how to live a life of Happy Thoughts. Happy refers to the Third dimension, whereas Thoughts refers to the Fourth. Mastering both these dimensions through the 7 tools taught in this book is the key for automatically achieving peace of consciousness, harmony, discipline and spiritual growth.
February 2014     
Wisdom Solutions is a unique enlightening endeavor

You must already be aware of asana—yogic exercises for the body. You might have heard about or learnt pranayma—yogic exercises of breathing. Thought Yoga is about understanding and applying certain mental laws at the next level—that of thinking. Like there are physical laws that govern the world, so too are there mental laws. These laws have existed since time immemorial and pre- cede man, they are unchanging and continually at work regardless of whether or not man seeks to understands them. They are universal and apply to everyone You must already be aware of asana—yogic exercises for the body.


You might have heard about or learnt pranayma—yogic exercises of breathing. Thought Yoga is about understanding and applying certain mental laws at the next level—that of thinking. Like there are physical laws that govern the world, so too are there mental laws. These laws have existed since time immemorial and pre- cede man, they are unchanging and continually at work regardless of whether or not man seeks to understands them. They are universal and apply to everyone

February 2014     
Does Like Attract or Opposite Attract


Which of these beliefs are true about attraction of people -Do people having the same desire attract each other, or do people with opposing desires come together ?


Survey Analysis - Kumar Builders 2

Watch below a video by Sirshree :




July 2013     
Power of Self Talk
 Those who desire to have the remote control of their life in their own hand will not refuse to learn the art of SELF-TALK.
So lets gets started and understand ‘Self-talk’ in a better way
Do you control yourself or do you let yourself be controlled by others?
If you allow yourself to be controlled by others, it means that the remote control of your life is in somebody else’s hand. When you are always connected to your heart and live a disciplined and happy life, then your remote control is in your own hands.
The remote control of man’s life is divided into two (dual) parts and living in duality is living in falsehood.
(from the book INNER MAGIC – The Power of Self Talk by Sirshree)
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