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March 2014     
Personal Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaches partner with people to help them reach their greatest potential. Coaching is personalized and tailored support that builds on a foundation of people’s strengths.

Why is coaching needed?

People hire coaches to help them achieve a variety of personal and professional goals. Coaches work with people on such issues as maximizing success, improving quality of life, developing successful business strategies, and managing career or life transitions.

The coach’s job is to work with people to enhance their skills, resources and creativity. Most coaches use a variety of tools in their practice including values clarification; brainstorming, identifying plans of action, and helping clients examine modes of operating. Most coaches use assessment tools to help clients gain insight into their strengths and preferences. Coaches are trained listeners, and use powerful questions to bring out strategies and solutions from their clients.
Our coaching Services :
Personal coaching

Work with various aspects of a client’s life. The coaches focus on assisting clients to achieve life-improving goals, managing and making the most of transitions, finding balance, and making progress in other areas of personal well-being and growth. For example, if your goal is to achieve balance between your work, personal and family life a personal coach could support you in these goals.

Entrepreneur coaching

Primarily work with entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals (like Medical Doctors, Attorneys, and Consultants) to help them improve their businesses. Business coaches work with clients in a variety of ways. They might help them determine how to convert passion for an idea into a business start-up, or identify actions that would generate greater profits for an existing business. Business coaches often function as a vital ‘silent’ partner in supporting and enlightening business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve business and personal success.

Enterprise group coaching

Work with executives, upper management, and board members in business, non-profit and government sectors. In the ever-changing -- and sometimes lonely -- environment of upper management, executives often lack an objective sounding board, reliable source of performance feedback, or safe environment to explore new ideas about management and leadership. The coaches assist their clients to overcome obstacles within and around them to tap into their hidden strengths and talents so they can achieve success in their role or advance to higher levels. Group coaching has become popular because it is a way of accelerating growth of professionals, improving leadership skills and enhancing managerial performance.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Among the numerous benefits of coaching are:

  • Being listened to by someone who listens with your best interests in mind.
  • Being challenged to go beyond where you would go yourself.
  • Having someone you can explore options with.
  • Having a safe protected space in your life to try out new ideas.
  •  Arriving at an action plan that suits your life.
  • Being able to change direction and try something new.
  • Acquiring greater satisfaction from your life and work
How do I know if I could benefit from a coach?
  • You are already thinking about taking positive action to change some aspect of your career, business or life.
  • You want increased fulfilment and meaning in your life and are willing to take necessary steps.
  • You hunger for greater clarity and focus about what you want in life.
  • You want to shift from reacting to events to being proactive.
  • You want to align your livelihood with your life goals.
  • You want to set priorities so that you have time to nurture yourself and others you care for.
  • You want to realize your dreams and aspirations sooner rather than later.
What is the time and money investment for Goal-Coaching?
  • The time and money investment depends upon what you to achieve from coaching
  • Based on what we want to achieve there are three levels
What if the goals are not achieved?
  • Speak to your coach and see if the goals that you have made for yourself are achievable, measured and time bound.


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