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You have to be smart:The easy days are over :

This course trains your brain power to learn easily whatever you want, taps your mind power toget what you want, improves your communication power to present effectively on stage and enhances your people power to inspire others.




Brain Power


Mind Power


People Power


Communication Power

Super learning methods

Will-power training

Art of asking

Curing Stage Fear

Curing Absentmindedness

Concentration methods

How to observe and learn from others

11 Rules of Public Speaking

Tapping your Right Brain

Self-Image psychology

How to inspire people

Public Speaking Practice

Taking effective notes

Power of thoughts

Spreading Positive Energy

Presenting yourself

Memory Techniques

How to prioritize your life and time?

Forgiving Self and Others

Confidence Building

Creativity Tools

Fear Cure

Achievingbalance in life

Self Image Psychology





Professional: Benefits at work


Personal: Benefits at home

Increased Concentration

Improved Relationships

Impactful presentations

Peace of mind

Better Time- Management

Increased happiness

Rock solid confidence

Focused life

Success in career and business

Stronger will power

Problem solving

More disciplined life

Learn whatever you want quickly

Joy in learning

Improved Memory

Banish Absent Mindedness

Inspiring people around you

Increased grasping power



  • A 2 1/2 Day course (1 evenings + 2 Full day).
  • Special Book on Thoughts and Lifeprovided as a course material.
  • Money Back Guarantee.
  • Free Life Long Online Membership.
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The one main that I did right in my life ten years ago, and that I continue to reap dividends even today, was to attend the Happy Thoughts Foundation Course.

I had my doubts - will one week really help me? Can all of this be achieved? You have to experience it to realize that the course gives you so many results because it teaches you skills and techniques to unlock the powers latent already within you. Today, ten years on, I maynot beusing everything taught in the course, but what was most relevant to me from the course is now second nature to me."

Feedback from one of our more than 100,000 participants.

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