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Untying The Powerful Communicator Within:
Communication needs courage – being able to communicate what needs to be communicated the way it needs to be communicated. Based on this premise, Wisdom Solutions offers “Communication Dynamics” as a 2 day workshop that helps participants optimize the power of communication and presentation thus helping the organization moving to centred communication. Participants transcend their communication barriers, understand their communication styles and learn to respond courageously and calmly. Participants also experience how they can naturally and effectively speak to audiences however large or important.
This program aims at solving the following problems that organizations face:
  • Poor communication
  • Poor Presentation
  • Lack of interpersonal skills
  • Poor listening
  • Lack of assertiveness 
  • Inability to persuade
  • Lack of openness
  • Inability to speak up
  • Fearful expression
  • Reacting instead of responding



    Fundamentals of Expression… 
    Presentation Techniques… 
    Communication Techniques…              
    Knowing Types of Personalities 
    Confident Body Language
    Knowing and flexing your communication style
    Communication barriers
    Natural eye-contact Communicating your emotions
    Circle of Communication
    Engaging your audience
    Communication drills
    Listening from the Source
    Persuading your audience
    Constructive Criticism and Feedback 
    Building Trust Spontaneity in Presentation Saying what has to be said without aggression
      Organisational Benefits...
      Individual Benefits...
      - Productive Business Relationships
      - Talent retention
      - Complaint free culture
      - Openness and trust in culture
      - Better client engagement
      - Effective feedback in the organization
      - Reduced conflicts
      - Become a powerful communicator
      - Enhanced listening
      - Manage conflicts effectively
      - Present effectively and confidently
      - Effortless expression
      - Communicating difficult emotions
      - Knowing and flexing your communication style 
      • Unique communication drills
      • Video feedback to participants
      • Online follow up system


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