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Your 25th Hour

Unlocking The Successful Achiever Within:

Abundance lies at the discipline – knowing and experiencing that whatever results you want to produce is possible and that time or anything else is not a constraint. “Conquer Results” is a Time management and Productivity workshop which provides participants with ground breaking principles as well as hi-tech systems to become more disciplined in life. “Conquer Results” workshop provides the tools, systems and practices to act on and produce what really matter so that one can enjoy work, have peace of mind, and celebrate well-planned success.

This program aims at solving the following problems that organizations face:
• Lack of engagement at work
• Poor Prioritization
• Poor Planning and Execution
• Lack of Focus on Results
• Being Disorganized
• Lack of Discipline
• Lack of Work-Life Balance
• Stress and burnout




Experiencing that time is in abundance What is the reality of work and time?
Why Traditional ‘To Do’ lists don’t work? Using technology to save time
How to be really effective in the modern workplace? Process, system and tools to produce results
Creating the future from the source Developing the habit of discipline
Importance of Quiet Time What is your time's worth?
Dealing with emergencies and interruptions Myths of time management
The gaps in roles & responsibilities Effective delegation




Organisational Benefits... Individual Benefits...

-Stress free culture
-Commitment towards organization goals and priorities
-Ensure long-term productivity and results
-Align individual and organizational goals
-Effective meetings

-Collaborative execution culture

-Increased performance
-Focused work
-Peace of mind
-Commitment and Follow – through
-Significant time savings

-Breaking limiting beliefs



  • Technology training along with mindset shift
  • Unique experiential training methodology to access the Source of Performance, viz. Abundance within you
  • Online follow-up 


Courses Details

Since last couple of years, we were struggling as an organisation to deal with a few International clients who are strictly time bound. With the Indian mindset of being okay to be late, it became a big challenge for us. This workshop helped us a lot in resolving core issues of Time Management.

Arvind Pawar, Director, Yuti Textile Pro.
We learnt simple yet effective tools to get aligned with the existing calendars,daily routines while we  got synced with the emails too.


Ajay Pimple, Sr. Manager, Outsourcing, Sulzer India Ltd.

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