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Reprogram your subconscious mind for success
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REPROGRAM YOUR MIND FOR SUCCESS: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

To achieve, you must to believe :

This course helps you challenge your limiting beliefs by understanding the science of thoughts, breaks your negative beliefs through the art of programming, and reprograms your subconscious to create a bright future.


Contents :

Defining the conscious and the subconscious mind Anchoring for high states
Relaxation techniques  Talking to your inner mind
Mind Programming methods

Master Thought Catchwords

Ways to delete bad programming, fear, guilt and mental blocks Wheel of life model

Programming inductions for health, abundance, success and happiness

 Accessing various states of mind.


 Benefits :

Access the treasure house within you

Increased energy
Mental and physicalhealing Goal focused life
Mind Programming methods

Improved confidence

Freedom from negative emotions as and when they arise Operating from a higher state
  •  A two day workshop typically conducted over a weekend
  • Course material provided
  • Customized Programming for every participant.


Courses Details

I have done many courses to do with the mind. But never before have I attended such a power packed course. I am amazed how in two days,  the trainers made me examine the weak areas of my life, showed me how to reprogram my mind and did the reprogramming in the course itself. The most practical course on the mind I have ever attended.


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