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Strengthening Family Bonds
Everything else is secondary:
The Family harmony retreat is meant for the family members of your company's employees. It strengthens the three pillars of any relationship, viz. Love, Trust and Understanding.  
How we perform at our workplace is a reflection of our relationship with our family and vice versa. The chaos, incompleteness and indifference in family relationships, specially between a husband and wife, has an impact on the behaviour at the workplace. It is largely seen that stressed employees are less productive. On the contrary, it is evident that happy employees are doubly productive. Employees who spend less quality time with their family harbour  a  feeling of  unconscious guilt. The underlying anger due to the dissidence at home inevitably spills over not only to our workplace, but to many other related situations. Sometimes, these pressures even lead to attrition. Keeping all this in mind, the one day workshop by Wisdom Solutions for employees and their family members adresses core issues in families to bring about Peace and Joy in the family.
Different strokes for different folks
Handling arguments and fights
Male and female brain differences
Emotional Maturity
Harmonious communication
Knowing your love bank
Understanding each others' stress behaviours
Breaking down walls in relationships
Ways to release stress
Gratitude Session
Building Trust
Tips on parenting
Family benefits: Organizational benefits:
Conflict Resolution in families Increased productivity
Experience space and freedom Stress free culture
Love, peace and trust in family Loyalty to the organization
Acknowledging presence of each other Lower attrition
  • A one day practical and interactive workshop consisting of communication drills between couples.
  • Training through workbook
  • Course material incudes a family meeting system for sustained results


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