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ADVANCE ENGLISH FLUENCY COURSE: Learning 7 Habits of a Fluent Speaker

Don’t just speak in English,speak it fluently :

This course is an effort to make you fluent at English by developing the 7 habits of ‘Fluent English speakers’ into you, thru creative exercises, games, movies, songs etc., so that it’s easy for you to practice and become fluent in presenting yourself at personal and professional level.

Contents :

Test /Assesment of English speaking.

Conversational verbs

Myths of English Fluency 

Rhythm technique

Introduction to 7 Habits of fluent speaker

Develop Self-belief in English

Removing Hurdles of Fluency

Improve vocabulary

Dealing with hesitation.

Create English Dialogue Bank

Benefits :
Break free of hesitation 
Debate and discussions efficiency

Speak with a stream like flow 

Build a powerful vocabulary

Expressing our thoughts and ideas clearly

Developing a high level of proficiency 

Describe things and explain things 

Trained in accent neutralization/  tongue training

Reciting Jokes and Stories in English 

Completely getting rid of factors that block our fluency 

Practice sessions

Developing a super command on English



  • Course work book provided
  • Songs for English fluency are provided
  • Shadow practice with English movies
  • Audio and Video Feedback
  • 2 months (16 sessions – every weekend)
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