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Team Building Workshop
Uncover The Caring Collaborator Within :
Collaboration is “oneness” – where individuals bond with each other as one team. Based on this premise, 'High Performing Teams' is a workshop by Wisdom Solutions that helps achieve a new level of collaboration through exciting activities and games. Participants learn how to achieve goals and solve problems as a team which at first seem impossible. They learn to see their colleagues from a different perspective than just the professional one. They improve and build relationships and develop an attachment to the team and to the company. Participants also learn conflict management skills.

This program aims at solving the following problems that organizations face:
• Conflict in teams
• Lack of teamwork
• Poor listening
• Lack of shared goals
• Mistrust
• Lack of understanding
• Poor Coordination
• Lack of co-operation and co-ordination
• Working in silos
• Lack of appreciation and support
• Inability to harness each other’s’ strengths




Respecting the view point of one another  Understand the basics of team dynamics
Conflict management Demonstrating the value of integrity
Learning to put personal agendas aside in favour of group goals and co-operation How to clarify roles and responsibilities
The Magic Ingredient of Successful Teams  Stopping Being Judgemental 




Organisational Benefits... Individual Benefits...
Increased trust in team members
Team bonding
Understanding strength and weaknesses
Supporting and encouraging each other
Experiencing the traits of high performing teams
Improved enthusiasm and vigor
Emotional Maturity
Fun Learning
Improved Coordination
Discovering how team members perceive you
  • Programs are flexible to support delivery time, location, budget and group size.
  • Exciting, diverse and relevant mix of both outdoor and indoor programs that will excite any team!
  • Every participant will receives a personal improvement plan based on the faculty’s and his/her colleagues feedback
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