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Releasing People's Potential

Unleashing The Natural Leader Within :

Leadership is creation – the ability to create what is desired – not just creating alone, but co-creating with the team. Based on this premise, “Managing Brilliant Minds” is a workshop with Wisdom Solutions for unlocking the leadership potential within each one of us. The objective of this workshop is to hone and develop coach-leaders in the organization. This course equips participants with the knowledge and advanced skills of leadership so that people are inspired to execute a shared vision.

This program aims at solving the following problems that organizations face:
• Inability to inspire
• Lack of Self Belief
• Unclear Vision
• Unclear Roles
• Lack of ownership
• Lack of alignment
• Lack of Passion
• Lack of impartiality




Fundamentals Covered

Questions this program will answer

Inspire your team

How do I inspire my team?

The Neuroscience of Leadership

How to foster innovation?

SCARF model for building trust

How do I increase ownership?

Being a coach leader

How do I empower and mentor?

Road blocks to clarity

How to effectively lead a diversified team consisting of different age groups, gender and experience?

Managing your boss

6 steps to boost performance

Shift from tell to ask orientation

How to ensure performance?

Creativity and Innovation



Benefits :


Organisational Benefits... Individual Benefits...
Performance based culture
Creation of a leadership pipeline
Improved leadership
Team bonding and inspiration
Ability to inspire people
Accessing the leadership potential within
Improved Self-Belief
Building Trust



  • Flexible delivery including an ownership model, viz. 3 hours’ session every week for 3 months with assignments in between to measure the impact of training.
  • Handy booklet for reference and reinforcement of the learning
  • Picture reminders of the learnings to be pinned at participants' desks
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